Domainex Ltd United Kingdom

Domainex is a drug discovery company with a reputation for speed and innovation built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery. It has a world class discovery team with an unrivalled track record and three client drug candidates.

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Dr George Buckley
LinkedIn logo Senior Business Development Manager 
Dr Eddy Littler
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Medherant Limited United Kingdom

Medherant develops novel topical and transdermal products using a novel adhesive that allows for direct drug in adhesive formulation without the need for any solvent.

Our novel adhesive allows us to load greater quantities of drug into the patch and achieves greater release of the drug from the patch allowing excellent 12 hour and 24 hour + formulations.

we can use a range of consumer friendly backings and adjust the size of the patch for greater consumer appeal. Our patches have excellent adhesion but are easily remoed without any pain or residue left on the skin

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Mr Nigel Theobald
Commercial Director 
Dr Andrew Lee
LinkedIn logo Operations Director 

Sphere Fluidics United Kingdom

We develop novel single cell analysis systems for scientists searching for rare and valuable biological variants across research, therapeutic, bioproduction and diagnostic applications. Our flexible technology, innovative products and range of services help you to boost throughput and sensitivity, while reducing costs and saving time.

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Dr Marian Rehak
R&D Director 
Dr Robert Marchmont
Commercial Director