BioPartner UK United Kingdom

BioPartner UK is your point of contact for the UK delegation to Stockholm. Visit us in the Exhibition Hall to find out more about doing business with UK companies, and to meet those in the UK delegation.

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Lin Bateson
LinkedIn logo Executive Director 
Dr Alasdair Stamps
LinkedIn logo Director 
Finlay Lynch
Conference Support Executive 
Darius Bateson
Conference Support Executive 

Chiltern International United Kingdom

Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global clinical CRO offering specialized services in all phases of oncology, hematology and a range of other therapeutic areas (respiratory, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc.), together with global sourcing and functional service provider (FSP) solutions. Chiltern’s 3.700 people work in more than 40 countries and offer expertise, engagement and tailored, responsive solutions to meet the demands of biotech and pharmaceutical partners of all sizes.

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Ms Andrea Cotton-Berry
LinkedIn logo Executive Director, Client Services 
Ms Frances Murphy
LinkedIn logo Director, Client Services 
Ms Ivana Galjer
LinkedIn logo Director, Client Services 
Mr John O'Brien
LinkedIn logo Senior Director, Business Development 
Dr Jan de Witt
LinkedIn logo Vice President, Medical Affairs 

Clinical Network Services (CNS) Ltd United Kingdom

Clinical Network Services (CNS) is an integrated service group focused on product development headquartered in Australia with offices in New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

CNS creates value for small-medium sized biotechnology companies by progressing early stage products through phase 1 & 2 clinical trials or the marketplace sooner.

CNS offers a unique service where it integrates BioDesk, an intelligent global product development and regulatory affairs consultancy, with our committed, highly experienced Australian/New Zealand clinical operations and biometrics team.

BioDesk’s expert consultants offer CMC/manufacturing, toxicology, clinical and regulatory affairs strategic advice and guide products efficiently through critical post-discovery development and into the clinic for the first time.

With over 15 years’ experience on more than 300 projects, CNS is one of the most experienced providers within the local market and a partner of choice for biotech companies.

CNS’s small-medium size is considered a big advantage when relating to similar sized clients, though CNS takes a global development/ regulatory approach to ensure value is strategically added at every stage of the product development life cycle.

Further information about CNS and its intelligent development services can be found at

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Mr Paul Cronin
LinkedIn logo Director, Business Development 
Mr Russell Neal
LinkedIn logo Managing Director 

Datatrial United Kingdom

Datatrial is a clinical biometrics and technology organisation specialising in complete study delivery; from our flexible and intuitive platform of technologies to our services and consulting. We offer a full range of services including Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing.

Our innovative nowEDC™ solution allows you to deliver data capture, verification and validation, query management, data extract, IWRS and real-time reporting in one integrated system.

We are a service-driven company; our goal is to meet timelines, exceed expectations through our proactive approach, and be responsive to and collaborative with our customers. Communication, service and quality are critical to a successful clinical study, while always keeping the patient in mind.

Miss Amy Wright
LinkedIn logo Customer Relationship Manager 
Dr Emma Banks
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Domainex Ltd United Kingdom

Domainex is a drug discovery company with a reputation for speed and innovation built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery. It has a world class discovery team with an unrivalled track record and three client drug candidates.

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Dr George Buckley
LinkedIn logo Senior Business Development Manager 
Dr Eddy Littler
LinkedIn logo CEO 

ERA Consulting UK Ltd United Kingdom

The ERA Consulting Group is one of the longest established and most experienced regulatory affairs and product development consulting groups serving the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise covers quality, nonclinical and clinical aspects, both from the regulatory and development strategy perspective. ERA has the knowledge and experience to assist from conception to registration, and beyond.
ERA has experience with a wide range of products (over 450 products to date), including recombinant DNA and hybridoma technology, synthetic peptides, conventional and advanced vaccines, classical blood products, advanced therapy medicinal products comprising gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. ERA also works with innovative new chemical entities, particularly those indicated for neurological, oncological and immunological diseases.

Our specialised international team of more than 30 full-time professionals includes scientists with a research and development background, those with extensive industry experience and former regulators, offering both breadth and depth of expertise, from which our clients can benefit.

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Dr Tara Sanderson
LinkedIn logo Director of Regulatory Affairs - CMC Biologics 
Ms Laura Canalejas
LinkedIn logo Business Development Assistant 

Fusion Antibodies Ltd United Kingdom

Fusion Antibodies offer a range of highly competitive services in the antibody drug discovery and development space. We specialise in production of monoclonal antibodies, antibody engineering, antibody humanization, antibody sequencing, stable cell line development and antibody expression. With 15+ years of experience in the medical research industry, including two of our own Antibodies in clinical and pre-clinical trials, Fusion Antibodies is a world-wide industry leader in therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development.

Antibody Humanization, Antibody Sequencing, Cell Line Development
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Dr Paul Kerr
LinkedIn logo Managing Director 

Illingworth Research Ltd United Kingdom

Illingworth Research is a full service clinical CRO with experience across all phases of development from Phase I / proof of concept studies to post-marketing studies for small molecules, biotechnology products, medical devices and diagnostics. With a network of clinical infrastructure covering most therapeutic areas varying from clinical research units, primary, secondary and tertiary care sites across Europe and with partners in North America and Australasia, Illingworth has the capability to deliver large multi-centre global studies on time and within budget. Illingworth also provides research nurses for patient homecare to support studies for optimisation of patient retention and compliance. Illingworth also offers a medical photography service.

Dr Julian Cooper
LinkedIn logo Director of Business Development and Proposals 

Manchester Science Partnerships United Kingdom

Alderley Park is the leading life science facility in the North of England and the largest R&D campus of its kind in the UK, offering over 1.5m sq ft of scientific, laboratory, office and conferencing space. With over £550m invested by AstraZeneca in world-class facilities and infrastructure over the past decade, it is the single best-invested full spectrum drug discovery and development campus in the UK, with an unrivalled talent pool of science professionals available in the area.

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Mr Neil Bradley
LinkedIn logo Sales Manager 

Medherant Limited United Kingdom

Medherant develops novel topical and transdermal products using a novel adhesive that allows for direct drug in adhesive formulation without the need for any solvent.

Our novel adhesive allows us to load greater quantities of drug into the patch and achieves greater release of the drug from the patch allowing excellent 12 hour and 24 hour + formulations.

we can use a range of consumer friendly backings and adjust the size of the patch for greater consumer appeal. Our patches have excellent adhesion but are easily remoed without any pain or residue left on the skin

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Mr Nigel Theobald
Commercial Director 
Dr Andrew Lee
LinkedIn logo Operations Director